Barnstormers Accidentally Schedule Vegan Awareness Night on Dollar Dog Night

vegan_withclipartwordsLast night the Lancaster Barnstormers defeated the Altoona Batwings 5-3 but the real excitement was in the concourse where two conflicting groups were accidentally double booked. The Barnstormers mistakenly scheduled their Vegan Awareness Night on a regularly scheduled Dollar Dog Night. Tensions rose as the carnivores gobbled up the $1 Kunzler Hot Dogs right beside the Vegan information booth.

carnivore-35460-e1375950345947“It was awful. Those meat-eaters were so intolerant of our lifestyle. They kept burping, farting and making fun of our kale chips” longtime vegan Amanda Rosefield told our reporter.

Support groups are being set up for the traumatized vegans, while the meat eaters refused offers for counseling and stated, “Never apologize for being awesome.”