Breaking News: Santa Shot Down Over Syria By ISIS Fighters

Breaking News out of Syria: Santa Clause has reportedly been shot down by ISIS fighters over Syria.

A Spokeself for the North Pole has issued a statement saying they have lost communications with Claus as he passed over Syria.

“Everything was going fine and the delivery schedule was on time as Santa was headed towards Israel to deliver toys to all the non-Jewish children when we lost communication over Syria.” said the Spokeself.

A person who claims to be associated with ISIS released this on Twitter photo saying it was Santa falling from the sky after being shot down.

This image shared by a person claiming to affiliated with ISIS shared this photo on Twitter

We have reached out to the White House for comment are were told they are looking into the report but have not comment at this time.

Breaking News Update 12:40 EST

CNN is reporting that Santa Claus is alive but has been captured by ISIS.