Centerville Man Really Misses Chi-Chi’s

It’Sad-Mans been 10 years since Centerville native Lance Boilson has smiled. He’s been in a deep, deep depression since his favorite restaurant shut their doors.

Lance still gets weepy anytime he has to drive near 1628 Lititz Pike, site of the current Walgreens drug store and former site of the Lancaster Chi-Chi’s. “Man, it seems like just yesterday I was there with my buds. Chillin’ out at the old Golden Triangle. We were regulars, they loved us. I still remember the grand opening. It was a huge celebration, free nachos and queso, margaritas were on special and I tried my first Mexican Fried Ice Cream. It was pure magic.”

Lance tried to move on to Applebee’s and T.G.I. Friday’s but just never felt at home. He bounced from chain-bar to chain-bar, but could never duplicate that warm feeling and festive atmosphere that Chi-Chi’s provided. Not even a Ruby Red Sunrise from Cheesecake factory or a Ruby Tuesday Peach Berry Blush Sangria could comfort him in these dark days.

His bottledepression hit rock bottom a few years ago when some friends took him to El Rodeo on his birthday. Instead of the authentic Mexican food, servers and live Mariachi Band soothing and calming him, Lance went into a rage. He broke a bottle of Pacifico beer on the counter and threatened everyone menacingly, “Come at me Ese! Do it! Do!”, stabbed a pinata, and stormed out.

Life turned around for Lance about a year ago. While scrounging around a dumpster at Outback Steakhouse he got an idea. He was going to give his kitchen a Chi-Chi’s makeover. With some help from Ty Pennington and his new show Krafty-Kitchens, Lance received the kitchen of his dreams.

sophieThe kitchen remodel features a brand new decor package that really reflects Lance’s “Salsa Attitude”.  With a contemporary design that is lighter and brighter and conveys a more casual atmosphere. Certain design elements like a 3′ tall iguana sculpture on the wall enhance the overall visual appeal of the kitchen.

Lance plans to entertain coworkers and friends regularly. “I hope to provide my guests with an authentic Chi-Chi’s dining experience. I’ve come up with some new menu items, and then combined that with Chi-Chi’s tradition of salsafied service.  Now with this new, festive and colorful dining environment I can share my passion. Life Always Needs a Little Salsa!”