DEBATE: Both Candidates Expected To Stare At Each Other In Silence For 90 Minutes

Campaign strategists from both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s teams have encouraged their respective candidates to just not speak for the duration of the second Presidential debate on Sunday night.

With scandals plaguing both sides, the idea is that each candidate would fare better by letting the other do all the talking. However, with Trump and Clinton taking the same approach, the outcome will likely be a literal staring contest for 90 minutes straight.

“When the moderator asks him a question, he’s just going to keep looking at Hillary and let his time run out without saying a word,” said a Trump campaign advisor. “And no matter what Hillary says, he’ll just keep staring. We can’t let him do more damage with his mouth.”

Clinton’s campaign team has the same plan, but with a different purpose.

“She’ll just keep quiet,” said a Clinton campaign advisor. “Let him dig his own grave. People say she gave his words weight in the last debate by actually acknowledging them. This time around, she’s just going to zip it, and keep a smug look on her face.”

The public, as a whole, responded to the news with a resounding, “whatever, who cares anymore?”