Lancaster City Forms Task Force To Combat Feral Children Problem

Recently Captured Feral Children
Recently Captured Feral Children

LANCASTER, PA – Mayor Gray has directed Lancaster City to form a task force to combat a growing feral children problem.

According to Mayor Gray, “Feral Children have been a problem in Lancaster for years but has recently grown to a point where it is keeping tourists away. We have seen deep declines in First Friday attendance that can be directly attributed to feral children.”

Feral children are common throughout the city but seem to congregate at Binns Park where they frolic in the fountain waters. In addition to the noise their seemingly harmless play in the fountains creates a serious ground water run off problem.

“That water ends up in the Susquehanna and eventually the Chesapeake Bay where it causes oxygen depletion and contamination” added Gray.

“Catch Spay/Neuter Release may be our best option” ~ Mayor Gray

Meredith Martin from Manheim Township told us, “We like to go downtown to Central Market and on First Fridays but I fear for my children. What if they catch something from one of them? My neighbor Lindsey told me that one of her children was almost bitten by one of them.”

Removing feral children comes with proponents and opponents. While many are happy to see the problem being addressed and hope the feral children go away, opponents are concerned that the children may be hurt and say they belong there.

“It may be expensive but a ‘Catch Spay/Neuter Release’ may be our best option. It has worked successfully in other cities.” said Mayor Gray

A public meeting with the task force will be held on August 13th for public comment.