Lancaster Foodies – The Best Idea I’ve Never Finished

Have you ever had a great idea that you know will work but for one reason or another you never get around to it? Don’t worry it isn’t a MILLION dollar idea that I’m blabbing about so please don’t steal it. But if you are interested in helping to bring it to fruition please contact me and we can get this thing done.

It’s called Lancaster Foodies taken and here is the basic concept. Once a month we have a dinner at a local restaurant. To make it easy for the chef and so 8-16 people can eat at the same time, it would be limited and pre-selected menu. We’d advertise the dinner, the menu, the cost, time, and location and pre-sell the ticket on Eventbrite. On the night of the dinner the group would enjoy the courses while wholesale jerseys the owner/chef would explain the history of the restaurant, what went into the meal (“The crab’s name was Bob, he was peacefully walking along the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay when WHAM!) There would be a wine, beer, or liquor pairing with the meal and a liquor rep would talk about their product. The price of the dinner would include all courses, gratuity and a pre-determined number of drinks. We’d wholesale MLB jerseys also have a photographer and writer there to document the meal.

After the meal we write a wholesale MLB jerseys glowing review of the evening, add photos, and e-publish it on our blog. We then start advertising and marketing for the next month’s dinner at a new location. In only a few months we’ll have a catalog of reviews of great meals with wholesale NFL jerseys great photos and copy.

The beauty of this idea is that it accomplishes many things. Those that go to the meal get a nice meal for a fair price and get to enjoy the company of other foodies. The restaurants will use this site as a marketing tool, linking to the positive reviews. For the blogger (me?) it will result in more local content and visitors.

OK now… Stand back while I math. I went to Millersville so math can be dangerous.

  • Restaurants typically have a food cost of 1/3. Current advertising models like Groupon will sell dinners at 50% discount and then keep 50% of that for themselves. So in my idiot math. Consumer pays $50 for $100 worth of food and restaurant ends up with $25 for $100 worth of food and loses money. They probably don’t lose money because they are getting advertising, they have a chance to upsell the customer, etc. but in the Restaurateur’s mind – they are losing money, getting 25%. So my math is cost is 33%, they received 25% so they are -8% unless they convert these new customers to repeat customers or upsell the shit out of them.
  • BUT in the Foodies Model the customer pays full price because they are getting an experience. They are getting company with other cool people, they are getting an evening with the Chef or Owner, and VIP Treatment. So if we sell (10) tickets at $50.00, we collect $500.00 We pay the server their $100.00 tip and pay the restaurant $250 so they are getting 50%. With food costs being 33%, at 50% they are making 17% on the meal even if nobody buys anything extra or if they never come back again. That leaves $150.00 for the Foodies as our gross profit. Most likely we’ll be attending the dinner so it is just like us eating for free 1x 1) per month at an awesome restaurant.

So using Millersville-Math this provides the following for the restaurant.

  • Brings business into the restaurant on one of their traditionally slow nights M-Th.
  • Keeps server happy because they actually made some money on a normally crappy night.
  • Advertising via our website and blog

For me and ?Quién the Foodies it provides.

  • Free NAY” meal, state networking and fun 1x per month
  • Content for the website. As web traffic and readership increases so can our advertising rates. At some point instead of getting the meal at cheap NFL jerseys 50%, we’d be able to have the meal comped completely as an advertising expense for the restaurant. At that point we keep 100% of the money collected. In this (10) person per month model, that’s $500/mo or $6000/yr. Not bad part-time income.

So…. I’ve got the idea and the logo, who wants to go and meet with restaurants and get this started?

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