Lancaster Safety Coalition Offering Pay-per-View Access To City Security Cameras

Lancaster, PA – The Lancaster Community Safety Coalition (LCSC) is now offering Pay-per-View access to city security cameras to offset operational costs.

“Operating a network of more than 150 cameras across the city and staffing people to observe them can be very expensive.” said an LCSC spokesman.

PPV-Logo-FinalAccording to their website, “The Lancaster Safety Coalition is non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that is “owned” by the community.”

The spokesman went on to explain, “LCSC is funded by public and private donations as well camera sponsorship. We needed to find a way to cover budget shortcomings.”

Pay-per-View subscriptions are available per camera for $9.95/mo. and a camera “Voyeur Prime” subscription plan offers access to all cameras and is $49.95/mo.

Security Camera Location Map