Pennsylvania Boy Scout Troop Kneels During National Anthem

Boy Scouts from BETHLEHAM, PA kneel during the playing of the National Anthem.

BETHLEHAM, PA – A local Boy Acout Troop decided to show support of the professional athletes in the NFL by taking a knee during Sunday morning’s playing of the National Anthem.

“We talked about it and decided this was about freedom and being free. It isn’t against the United States.” said 17 year old Eagle Scout Charlie Wilbur.

Scout Leader Bill Weldon explained, “They mentioned this to us leaders yesterday morning and explained what they wanted to do. I was not enthusiastic about their decision but they are doing it for the right reason, which is freedom.”

Of the nearly 100 Boy Scouts attending the weekend camping event approximately 70 kneeled.

“I will continue to do this until people understand this about freedom” said 15 year old Scout James Burlington.