Pizza Hut Wins “Best Pizza in Lancaster County” for 35th Year Straight

Mountville, PA – The votes are in, and for the 35th straight year, Pizza Hut has won the coveted title of “Best Pizza in Lancaster County.” Never first in line to try something new, countians played it safe again this year, despite the myriad of delicious alternatives dotting all across the county. Papa John’s was a close second, followed by Dominoes. The voting was conducted by the Penny Saver and the Smart Shopper, along with WLAN 96.9 FM.

Upper Leacock Township resident Esther Martin said, “I don’t like trying new things or surprises and Pizza Hut always fills me up at a low cost, especially with the coupons in the Smart Shopper.”

In a related vote, the “Best Place for a Nice Dinner” contest was won by the Park City Olive Garden for a record 23rd straight year.