Reported Bigfoot Sighting Just An Appalachian Gorilla

Appalachian Gorilla
Appalachian Gorilla sighted in Lancaster County, PA.

Drumore, PA – A reported Bigfoot sighting in Southern Lancaster County has proven to be just an Appalachian Gorilla.

Over the past several weeks residents around Drumore reported seeing a big and hairy creature they believed to be a Bigfoot.

Artist Drawing of Bigfoot
Artist Drawing of Bigfoot
“I never seen nothing like it before. It walked along the edge of the field then it turned and looked at me and then ran into the woods.” said Daniel Yoder of Drumore.

With so many sightings and nervousness among citizens in the area the Pennsylvania State Game Commission decided to investigate.

According to PGC spokesman Earl Sneed, “We regularly receive reports of Bigfoot sightings. Occasionally a Chupacabra sighting is reported, too.”

After a few days of scouting the area and setting up motion cameras the rumored Bigfoot turned out not being a Bigfoot, but something even better.

“Yup. It is definitely an Appalachian Gorilla.” said Sneed.

Appalachian Gorillas are rare in Pennsylvania, especially in Lancaster County. More common in the northern counties of the state the last reported sighting in Lancaster was a female gorilla killed by Amish hunters in 1904.

Sneed told us that the Game Commission believes there may be more than one gorilla and hopes that a breeding population is established in the county.