Santa Stumble & Summer Santa Stumble

Yes folks, it is only April and we’re already talking about the Santa Stumble. Every year on the 2nd weekend in December we have tons of Santas, naughty Santa’s helpers, Grinches, Uncle Eddies and other festive folks gather downtown to have fun, support local bars and raise money for the Lancaster City Mounted Patrol.

Last year our commemorative scarves were a big hit (BTW, S.V.S. I still have your scarf) and this year we have an even better design. To pull off this scarf idea last year the organizers had to front $5000 out of our own pockets to pay for the scarves and expenses. We got that money back at the Stumble but frankly I don’t have a spare $5K laying around this year. Solution? We’re going to have a 1/2 Way to Santa Stumble party in July to raise money to pay for our scarves and buttons. Not only will this save me more whiskey money, in the long run that means $5K more raised for the charity.

Half-Way Facebook Link

Normal Santa Stumble Link

Save the dates. Also if your bar or business would like to be featured on our scarves this year contact us A S A P. With an appropriately tiered donation we’ll put your logo on 500 scarves that will be in thousands of photos.  We can work something out with the Lancaster City Police Foundation where you can make the donation to them, still get the tax break, but we’ll spend the money on scarves. I’ll find a shady accountant.