Steelers Great Polamalu Retiring, Set To Join POL StormTeam

Pittsburgh, PA – Troy Polamalu’s amazing football career is over.

The Uniontown Herald-Standard reported Thursday night that the eight-time Pro Bowl safety told Steelers chairman Dan Rooney that he will retire rather than return for a 13th season.

“I will miss football and the Picksburg Stiller fans,” Polamalu told the newspaper. “But storm chasing is my true love, and People of Lancaster are helping me achieve my dream”.


The People of Lancaster website will be giving Troy great latitude on whatever storms he wants to chase. “He’ll have a laboratory at the Gap Lighthouse but we expect him to be all over Central PA” announced part-time auxiliary Lighthouse Keeper Ralph Herr. “Renovations are under way to make room for his hair, we’re expanding his shower.”

It is reported that Polamalu was given a 5-year, $2500 contract. To sweeten the deal he was given extra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!s and a free CAPS LOCK BUTTON so that he can blow any small weather report out of proportion.