What the Hell is a Blog?

I decided to start putting some of my random thoughts down on paper (interwebs). I’m not sure why you’d want to read this but I’m thinking it is more about my sanity and therapy than wanting to entertain or educate. So basically, enjoy or click the big X in the top right of your monitor to leave this site.

I was researching blogs and see that most have a defined point or purpose. Well, Find at least the successful ones do that. Other blogs I’ve seen are like watching a ship-wreck or someone spiraling into crazyland. Well, this will be more like the later. I’m too ADHD Antwoorden. to stay on topic so here are some things that are kind of big deals in my life that I may rant about from time to time.

  • Lancaster Santa Stumble. You can read what that is on the main page of this site, but basically it is a good time and we do good things. The end.
  • Freemasonry. Everything you’ve read about it on the Internet is 100% true. We really do have pancake breakfasts.
  • Dobermonsters: I’m the proud papa of my 3rd and 4th Dobermans, Rocco and Dash. I also cheap nba jerseys volunteer with a local Doberman rescue and I’ll occasionally bark about stuff.
  • Lancaster 505 Happy Hour Club – On hiatus. For 10 years we met on Wednesdays at 5:05. This group is responsible for many weddings and even more divorces. But lots of good times and where both founders met their wives.
  • People of Lancaster. This Facebrag page started out pretty low-brow as a knock-off of People of Walmart. But man can not live on pig parkers and PJ pants alone, so it grew into local news aggregation, discussion, and at least once per day we hurt some snowflake’s tender feelings.
  • Pets of Lancaster. A more noble forray than the other POL. This site is dedicated to the well being of pets in Lancaster. Jerseys Lost & found pets, tips, and information for anything Pet & Lancaster related.
  • Lancaster Foodies. Here I think is one of my BEST ideas yet that I’ve never acted upon.
  • Politics. I’m not a Democrat or Republican, they both piss me off. I’m an Independent who has Libertarian leanings but understands you need to work within the system to be effective. I once considered a Mayoral cheap jerseys run but dropped out when a health scare popped up. The health thing is being managed well so I may be considering a County Commissioner run at some point.
  • Gap Lighthouse. I was recently honored and named an Assistant Lighthouse Keeper at the Gap Lighthouse, Lancaster County’s Greatest Treasure. There will be many tales of glory and woe from the high seas of the Gap Shoreline.
  • Thyroid Cancer. You know how they say Thyroid Cancer is the “good cancer” and 95% is curable? Well, I’m in the other 5%. I’m sure at some point I’ll rant about doctors appointments, healthcare, and other headaches related to being a patient for the rest of my life.
  • Current Events. Opinions are like assholes, and I have one an you’re going to see wholesale jerseys it. The opinion, not the balloon knot.

Well, that’s cheap nba jerseys a starter list. Grab your popcorn. And by popcorn I mean bourbon.


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