Threat of Rain Cancels Millersville Family’s Trip to Hershey Park for 47 Days in a Row

The Boone Family of Millersville have been wanting to take their annual trip to Hershey Park all summer.  Only one thing has gotten in the way-the weather forecast.  For a record 47 days in a row, the LNP has predicted at least a 50% chance of rain for Central Pennsylvania.

Mr. Boone shared his frustration about the situation.

“It’s total bullshit.  The paper says its gonna rain.  There is a strong breeze in the air, the morning skies are dark with no sun in sight.  By 9am, every morning, I tell the kids—not today, maybe tomorrow.  Then the kicker is, a lot of times, it doesn’t even rain.  What a crock of shit!”

Mrs. Boone chimed in about the financial risks involved with going to the park on a less than perfect day.

“General admission is like $235 per person this year.  That on top of the $95 parking, and $29 bottles of water for sale.  We can only afford to do this once per year, and we aren’t about to piss it away if it might rain all day.  There’s nothing to do there when it is pouring, other than that stupid fake tour ride,. How many times do you think my kids are gonna want to sit for that?”

At press time, the family was planning to go to Penn Cinemas to see the new Jurassic Park for the 5th time since, at least, the weather can’t fuck that up too bad.