Township Mom Shares First Starbucks Coffee With Two-Year-Old Daughter

first Starbucks coffee
Leslie Shoemaker and her daughter Lilly enjoy their first Starbucks coffee together.

MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, PA, – A Manheim Township mom, Leslie Shoemaker, took her two-year-old daughter Lilly to the Starbucks on Fruitville Pike this morning to share their first Starbucks coffee.

“It took a little longer than I had hoped for because Lilly was still drinking out of a bottle until just a couple months ago, but I was so exciting to finally share our first Starbucks together.” said Shoemaker.

Asked if she thought Lilly was too young to drink coffee Shoemaker explained, “Oh, no! My mother introduced me to coffee when I was her age and look at me. Besides, Lilly will start cheerleading in just a couple years and the caffeine will help keep her thin. Can’t cheer if you’re some sort of chubbo.”

Patrons looked on a little curiously but quickly went back to working on their MacBooks and consuming their over-priced drinks.