Trump-Free Safe Zones Established In Lancaster City

LANCASTER, PA – In an effort to keep decent citizens of Lancaster safe during GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s visit this Saturday Mayor Gray has established ‘Trump-Free Safe Zones’.

“We must protect the decent citizens of Lancaster from Donald Trump and his supporters.” said a Mayor’s office spokesman.

Trump-Free Safe Zone sign you can pick up at City Hall
Trump-Free Safe Zone sign you can pick up at City Hall
While most people are safe and insulated from Trump supporters in places of learning like colleges, libraries, and museums there are areas of Lancaster his supporters could infect.

According to the Mayor’s office, “Sure, places of learning are safe and free of Trump supporters, but we also have to protect our citizens of color and their neighborhoods and churches.”

Trump-Free Safe Zone signs can be picked up at Lancaster City Hall on Duke Street during normal business hours. Trump supporters entering a Trump-Free Safe Zone face a $500 fine and up to 30 days incarceration in Lancaster County Prison.