Unseasonably Warm Weather Prompts Early Corn Squid Hatch

SAFE HARBOR, PA – The recent unseasonably warm weather has prompted an early corn squid hatch in the Conestoga River.

“Corn Squidlings usually don’t hatch until mid-April but the recent warm weather has driven water temperatures in the Conestoga into the 50’s which is ideal for Corn Squidlings.” said Earl Sneed, host of WGAL’s Wild Moments.

Mature Corn Squid In A Strasburg Area Corn Field
Mature Corn Squid In A Strasburg Area Corn Field
An early hatch and mild weather could lead to trouble for area residents.

According to Sneed, “Corn Squidlings are voracious feeders. An early hatch coupled with a lack of natural food sources could lead to more attacks on humans.”

Last year a corn squid attack sent three Strasburg teens to LGH with injuries.

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“Those kids were very lucky,” said the attending LGH surgeon, “Squid can get very aggressive so they’re very lucky they only walked away with cuts and scratches. Corn Squid have also been known to carry Corn-Mouth Disease.”

Though the opening day of trout season is just around the corner, “The best thing you can do is stay away from Lancaster county rivers and streams.” warned Sneed.

People of Lancaster will keep the public informed of corn squid swarms and areas to avoid.