Unwed, Childless Man Can’t Understand Contempt For Trump

Jason Brighton, 34, grew up without parents–he was an orphan. He is currently unmarried, and does not have any children, particularly a daughter. Because of his status, he does not understand what the issue is with Donald Trump.

“I don’t have a wife, I didn’t have a mother growing up,” said Brighton. “I don’t have a daughter. So, it’s hard for me to know why I should hate Donald Trump. I can’t put myself in a place where his comments relate to me or the people I love.”

Many politicians are pulling their support from Trump amidst his comments and actions towards women by referencing female members of their family. Experts wonder how this will translate to people like Jason.

“it’s no secret that Americans are pretty self-involved,” said an unnamed Clinton strategist. “So, we have to figure out how to drive home these talking points with people who have no females in their lives for whom they care about.”