Walmart to Test New Pajama Pants of the Month Club in Central PA

Perfect for people on the go. Don’t have time to properly clothe or bathe yourself before you hit the streets? Walmart is introducing their new Pajama Pants of the month club for the fans of dressing slovenly in public. Similar to the Lootcrate service, customers will get a new themed box once a month with a new pair of pajama pants to wear for the next 30 days, plus themed items like, a pack of Newports, a how-to guide on screaming and swearing at your child in a Burger King drive through, and even a list of excuses as to why not keeping a job isn’t your fault.

POL gathered some customer reviews of the service:

I love this service, last month my Sponge Bob pajama pants came with a thumb drive full of “you don’t know my struggle” memes to post on Facebook, when I should be looking for a job” – Tammy J; Adult

“I’m glad the last box came, I had shit stains on my old ones and it was really embarrassing to have to go to Lowes and demand a discount on tile flooring that I’m not actually entitled to, while wearing them.” – Valarie R.

“This is perfect for when I need to go to Walmart to buy pajama pants, and I’m already out of pajama pants” – Greg P.

“These are great and go well with my slippers I wear at my menial desk job that I hate, but have no desire to advance my career” – Jerry B.

The new service is expected to launch at the end of the month. And is already launched in 4 other cities where it has already shown signs of success.