WGAL closes in on 1-millionth Slide Show – Gives Buzzfeed a run for their money in clickbait mediocrity

WGAL is set to post it’s 1-millionth slide show this year, and is currently at 999,952 shit clickbait posts.

Just some of the trackers found on WGAL.com
Just some of the trackers found on WGAL.com

POL reached out to Hearst Television, who owns WGAL, among more than 30 other combined NBC and ABC affiliate stations across the nation. “These slide shows are great, each click artificially boosts our web ranking so we show up higher on web searches, and at the same time maximizes squeezing every last dime out of our advertisers when we show ads on each page, oh and we didn’t stop there, our news sites are literally riddled with web tracking software, and we turn around and sell all of our readers’ Facebook information and browsing habits to advertising agencies, it’s a win-win-win!” Said the head of Hearst’s marketing. “Why spend all of that money investing in actual journalism when we can show slideshows of cute cats, or expensive houses for a fraction of the cost? Idiots eat that up, and idiots are our biggest demographic.”

WGAL is set to have 4 simultaneous town hall meetings in Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, and Adam’s county with live team coverage of all of the events in celebration of their 1-millionth Slide Show Bonanza Count-On-Us Susquehanna Valley Celebration.

Here are some of WGAL’s greatest hits: