WGAL Introduces Sexual Harassment PSA Campaign Featuring A Groundhog Named Metoo

Metoo the Sexual Harassment Groundhog on the news set at WGAL Television.

LANCASTER, PA – WGAL announced today that it is introducing a sexual harassment PSA campaign that will feature a groundhog named Metoo.

“At WGAL we take sexual harassment and abuse prevention very seriously and as good corporate citizens with the strong voice and influence that WGAL has we decided to create a campaign to raise awareness.” said WGAL spokesman Ron Limon.

According to Limon the campaign will feature a groundhog named Metoo who will offer tips for prevention, how to report sexual harassment and abuse, and where to seek help.

“This campaign will air during our news programs and also featured on our website, wgal.com.” added Limon.

In addition to being an on-air character Metoo will be available for speaking engagements and appearances at schools, corporations, and events.