13th Annual Scrapple Eating Contest Held at Shady Maple Buffet

scrappleThe thirteenth annual Scrapple Eating Contest was held last weekend at Shady Maple buffet.  The top competitive eaters from all over the country came to town to indulge in the best that Lancaster County had to offer.  Contestants had 15 minutes to eat as many 2 inch by 2 inch squares of scrapple that they could consume in one sitting.

Congratulations to this year’s winner, Joey Chestnut!  Chestnut, famous for being able to put away over 70 hots dogs in one sitting broke  his old record and ate an astounding two entire pieces of scrapple in 15 minutes.  Second place went to Japan’s Takeru Kobayashi who put back one-third of a piece before throwing in the towel.

Other contestants were not so lucky.  Sonya “Black Widow’ Thomas, the world’s most famous female competitive eater, was only able to swallow one bite before vomiting, otherwise known as a  “reversal of fortune” .