4-time Grammy Winner Shunned By Lancaster Media

weird al2“Weird” Al Yankovic has 4 Grammys, has Gold and Platinum albums, and his latest album, Mandatory Fun (2014), became his first number one album on its debut week. However nobody knows that he’s in town and playing at the American Music Theater tonight. Why? “Weird” Al was shunned by local Amish Bishops and politicians after his 1996 “Amish Paradise” video mocking the Amish people and Coolio. Since then there has been a complete and total media blackout.

We asked the local elders why they are still holding a grudge almost 20 years later, and Sam Lapp spoke up, “You can poke fun at our beards, our lack of modern conveniences, but you don’t. Ever. Fuck. With. Coolio! Coolio is a muse to the Amish people, probably the greatest songwriter of all time. His words speak to us and while we can forgive Mr. Yankovic, we cannot forget”

There is a peaceful protest scheduled outside of American Music Theater this evening. It is estimated that over 500 Amish and Mennonite protestors will stand with their back to the building to peacefully show their displeasure.