441 @ Chickies To Close For 4 Hours Daily In Anticipation Of Accidents

PennDOT has decided to close 441 between Marietta and Columbia from 730-930am and 4-6pm in anticipation of accidents.

“Every day, someone wrecks around 7:15am and 3:45pm, which forces us to either close the road or make people sit for an hour with no alternative route,” said a PennDOT executive. “It’s easier and cheaper to just build it into our schedule, preemptively.”

Drivers are encouraged to bypass the closure by taking the only other way around Chickies: Marietta Ave through the grossest parts of the county in Columbia. This should only add about 20-30 minutes to your commute. The other option is to walk over Chickies and rent a car on the other side. It would probably be quicker.