5th Grade Boy Told He Cannot Bring Trumpy Bear To School Because “It’s Racist”

Gunner Roberts was told his Trumpy Bear is racist.

LANCASTER, PA – A 5th grade student was told this week that he cannot bring his Trumpy Bear to school because “it’s racist.”

“Tuesday is bring your stuffed animal to school day and I brought my Trumpy Bear. But I was told I can’t bring it no more and need to bring another one.” said Stevens Elementary 5th grader Gunner Roberts.

Gunner Roberts is a 5th grader who has attended Stevens Elementary for the past 7 years.

According to Stevens Elementary Principle Martha Tisdale a number of children complained about the bear.

“A few of our Hispanic students mentioned that the Trumpy Bear made them uncomfortable. Stevens Elementary fosters an environment of inclusion and acceptance. The Trumpy Bear represents the opposite of that. Gunner can bring a different animal if he chooses.” explained Tisdale.

Gunner’s mother Shania Williams sees things differently.

“They don’t know nothing. Gunner has been going to that school for 7 years now and he ain’t no racist and Trumpy Bear ain’t no racist. Those Mexican kids need to go back to Mexico. Trump is making this country great again.” shouted Williams.

Stevens Elementary will discontinue stuffed animal day if Roberts brings the Trumpy Bear back to the school.