Adamstown Women Designs “Boob Burka”

Recent local news coverage by LancasterOnline highlighted the controversial issue of breastfeeding in public Advocates state that it is natural, healthy for the baby, and it increases mother/child bonding. Those against it claim that it is obscene, private, or disgusting. A smaller, third group feels that breastfeeding in public is OK under certain conditions, such as the mother being under 30 and a C-cup or larger.

Adamstown clothes designer, Amy Kirkpatrick, has created a garment that she feels is a great compromise. She calls it the “boob burka”. It is a thick black garment made of canvas. It covers all areas of flesh around the breast and has two tiny ornamental golden crosses which can be briefly lifted so that the nipple and only the nipple can be exposed. Different ornaments are available for ultra-conservative mother of other religions such as Jewish Stars of David, Muslim Star and Crescents and Atheist Flying Spaghetti Monsters.

Kirkpatrick believes that the Boob Burka will be a big hit. She says that it is a giant step forward regarding women’s rights over their parenting choices and their own bodies. Boob Burkas will be sold by mail, Amazon, and through corporate sponsor, the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign.