After Record-Breaking Teddy Bear Toss Hershey Bears Plan Food Toss

HERSHEY, PA – The Hershey Bears hosted their annual Teddy Bear Toss and it was a record-breaking night.

“It was definitely a record-breaking night. The team collected more than forty-five thousand teddy bears and stuffed animals breaking last year’s total of nearly thirty-five thousand”. said team spokesman Derek Sutton.

The stuffed animals are donated to about 40 local organizations.

As the team relished in the success of the night they thought to themselves, what else can they do to help the community?

According to Sutton it was two interns who came up with a new idea – a Food Toss!

“Dean Youngblood and Jessie Chadwick came up with the idea of a food toss. Well, I hear it was that Youngblood kid who came up with the idea but he’s a little soft, if you know what I mean, and Jessie never shuts up so she yelled out, ‘let’s have a food toss’. There you have it.” explained Sutton.

Food gathered at the Food Toss will be donated to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. You can donate to the food bank now by clicking here: Give Now.

The date of the food toss is still be determined but will take place in December. Fans will be asked to bring a non-perishable food item to toss onto the ice after the first Bears goal of the game.