Amish Barn Intruder Sentenced For Illegal Milking

Sebastian Fondeler of Brownstown has been sentenced by  District Justice Ophelia Udder to one year in Lancaster County Prison for several counts of criminal trespass, criminal mischief and illegal milking stemming from a milking spree in March of this year.  Fondeler, 33, was discovered in the barn of a Stevens farmer at 4 am on March 18. At the time, Fondeler was unclothed and wearing a St. Paddy’s Day bowler as he was vigorously milking one of the cows – as best as the witness could tell.  While attempting to flee, Fondeler was weighed down by a baby goat he was carrying in a knapsack.  The goat was unharmed but the cows were agitated.  Upon investigation, authorities were able to link him to at lease seven illegal milkings that night.  As part of the sentence, Fondeler is to have no contact with any of the cows  and must register his whereabouts under Buttercup’s Law, a law enacted that requires illegal milkers to register with the state.