Amish Children Eagerly Await Opportunity To Be Traded Away; “It’s Worth The Risk”

When asked about the baby-bartering story earlier this week, many local Amish children had the same reaction: “that’s the luck of the draw.”

As it turns out, most Amish kids eagerly await being traded away to a non-Amish family, but understand the risks involved. Many kids wind up in the loving care of a foster family, a couple looking to adopt on the cheap, or best-case-scenario, a Mennonite farming family who is virtually identical to Amish, with the exception of having electricity and normal clothing.

“I mean it’s awful, no one wants to wind up like that kid in Bucks county,” said Madison Weaver, 13. “But, that’s how the cookie crumbles. You win some, you lose some. I’ll take my chances before I stay another minute in this hell-hole.”

To trade something for an Amish child, simply help an Amish man with a minor home repair task when he’s short-handed. He will not offer you his most recent born unless you ask. His wife will put up a fight, but that’s customary in the Amish community when losing a child.