Amish Community Still Without Power Following Storm Of 1904; PPL: “We’re Working On It”

A large sect of the Lancaster population is still without power following an ice storm that hit in February of 1904.

“It’s been hard,” said Jacob Zook. “My wife has to cook over an open fire. My parents live in Indiana, and I haven’t been able to call since Comcast switched over to VOIP. I mean, I haven’t been able to watch a Phillies game in forever. PPL has been dragging their feet. For over a century.”

A PPL representative was reached for comment, but declined to give any information other than, “we’re working on it.” The Zooks continue to pay their bill–which is still filled with fees, despite not utilizing the service.

“They don’t reimburse you for time without electricity, either,” said Zook. “I was thinking they’d have prorated the fees, but I guess that’s too much to ask. Crooks, all of them.””