Amish Man Rejected By Marines Joins Army

Jacob Yoder of Strasburg will serve in the Army for fours years of active duty. Yoder leaves for boot camp on March 9th.

LANCASTER, PA – The Amish lifestyle can be defined as a commitment to service. But for one Amish man that commitment to service has taken a step further. He joined the United States Army.

Jacob Yoder wanted to be Marine since he was a little boy, but after being rejected by the Marine Corps Yoder found his way the the Army recruiting office and learned that he could be all he could be as a soldier in the United States Army.

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“I wanted to be Marine since I was little. But the Marine Corps said I could not get in since I only went to school through eighth grade. The Army said it wasn’t a problem so I am going there. I’m happy.” explained Yoder.

Yoder’s recruiter Sergeant First Class Jenewah Shahid told us what Yoder will doing.

“Jake is going to go through 10 weeks of basic training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. After that he will be trained and assigned a job as an 88 – a truck driver.” said Shahid.

Yoder leaves for basic training on March 9th.