Amish Mummy Discovered In Lancaster County Central Park

This Amish Mummy found in Lancaster County Central Park was determined to be more than 100 years old and believed to be a male.

LANCASTER, PA – A Lancaster couple discovered an Amish Mummy in Lancaster County Central Park this past week.

“We were talking a walk through the park when we saw what looked like a fallen tree. When we got closer we realized it was a body. And it looked like a mummy.” said Emily Hunter.

Emily Hunter and her boyfriend Eric discovered the Amish Mummy.

What Emily and her boyfriend Eric discovered was an unearthed Amish Mummy.

“The Amish practice of mummification, though widely unknown, is a centuries old practice by old order Amish.” explained Benjamin Yoder, Professor of Amish Studies at Millersville University.

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According to Hunter the body was very well preserved. “We were told it was more than a hundred years old but you could still tell it was a human. It looked fresh.”

“Amish mummification processes are very much like those of the ancient Egyptians.” said Yoder.

After Lancaster City Police determined that no foul play was involved the mummified body was released to Millersville University for study.