Amish Space Program Off to a Modest Start

A group of local Amish men from Bird-in-Hand have joined forces to create a low cost, low tech space program called the ASSES the Amish Space Search and Exploration Systems. Their first goal? Landing on the moon.

“Aye, ye English are fools. Near spent $400 million to go to the moon back in the year of our lord nineteen-hundred and sixty-nine, ’tis right there it is, can’t be a mere 50, 60 yards away.”

Ezekiel Zook, head of the program build a catapulting system to launch a single person to the Moon.

“We’re gonta send ol’ Jakey there to the Moon, he said he’ll do it for a crate of apples and two chickens, seems like a fair trade,” Said Zook, “We’re sendin him up there with a pig bladder full of air and some scrapple in case he gets hungry.”

We asked him how he intends on getting Jakey back to Earth to which he replied “bit of rope”.

The space catapult will start in the 2nd week of July.