Baby Born In Parking Lot Where Conceived

Local breeders Bill Frink and Savannah Moore certainly are a fan of the Rutter’s Farm Store on Cool Springs Road in Wrightsville.  The two 19 year olds would often meet to have sex in Frink’s 2005 F-150 while parked at Rutter’s, eventually conceiving.  Fast forward nine months later, Moore stopped by to purchase cigarettes and bacon when her water broke. “I thought i just peed myself, ” said Moore.  “When i figured out that it was my water, I called Billy because i forgot 911’s number.” Frink arrived just in time to assist in the birth of his second child, Rufas (RUtters FArm Store).  Mother and baby are perfectly fine, but the front seat of the Ford pick up is not.  “That’s okay'” jokes Frink, “I got a dog that likes to eat afterbirth.  Don’t ask.”