Mother’s Day Special: Worst Moms of Central Pennsylvania

This Mother’s Day, we at People of Lancaster would like to recognize the best and brightest moms central Pennsylvania has to offer. Here’s our round-up of 10 of the worst moms from the last year.



Quottysha Thomas, 35, of Lancaster City, was arrested for repeatedly beating her 10-year old daughter with a belt. She was only given house arrest and was allowed to keep her child if she took parenting classes, which I’m sure went great and totally changed her. Happy Mother’s Day, Quottysha!



Takeya Fluellen, 34, of Steelton Borough, was wanted after her 11 children found living in a home full of trash, feces and bugs. The children were ages 1-14. Dauphin County Children and Youth took custody of the children. So on this Mother’s Day, Takeya, enjoy the quiet in your filthy, childless home.



Erika Rizzon, 32, was arrested after she allegedly drove while intoxicated with her 8-month infant son in her lap. She crashed into a curb and was later arrested. She was slurring her speech and unable to stand or walk without losing her balance. In her defense, she did wrap her seatbelt around both her and her son, so there’s that. Happy Mother’s Day, Erika! Try not to hit the champagne at Mother’s Day brunch too hard!




Beatrice McCain, 45, of Ronks, left her 8-year old son unattended in car at the Park City mall while she stole shoes from JC Penney. They also found an open can of beer in the car with the child and upon further investigation, found that she had smoked crack in front of the boy hours prior. Way to go, Beatrice! Enjoy your day. Hope you get a nice card and some crack like every mother hopes for.




Angela Marie Jones, 29, of Ephrata, was jailed for a year on three counts of child endangerment. She left her three children, ages 1, 3, and 6, at home alone for more than an hour. Her story to police was that she was “out back” at an AA meeting and left her kids at home with a babysitter for 5 minutes but that her uncle showed up and took the children. In fact, a police officer was waiting at the home for over 20 minutes waiting for Jones and the children were unattended during that time. Jones had a prior child endangerment charge from 2012. She is now at the Lancaster County Prison. Happy Mother’s Day to you in the clink, Angela!




April Gleason was charged with homicide by child abuse after her 5-year old daughter was bludgeoned to death by her then boyfriend, now husband. That’s right—she married the man that beat her daughter to death. Abuse had been ongoing but was ignored by April Gleason. She faces up to 40 years in prison. For Mother’s Day, we hope you get your tubes tied!




Sarah Germain, 30, of Lancaster, was charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of children. The charges stem from a January incident where EMS was called to Germain’s home and her 4-year old daughter was laying on the floor with very shallow breathing. Germain lied to EMTs and said she did not know what was wrong with her. The EMTs had to give her several doses of Narcan to revive her. Later Germain admitted that her daughter had ingested some of her prescribed methadone but did not say anything because she did not want to get in trouble with children and youth. Happy Mother’s Day, Sarah!




Nancy Napier, 58, of Harrisburg, was arrested after being accused of hiding and transporting her son in an effort to avoid arrest. She was helping him avoid capture after being charged with a PFA-violation and two criminal contempt charges. Nothing says “mama loves you” like helping you hide from the cops.




Kate Witwer, 28, of East Cocalico Township, was arrested on prior drug charges. Witwer, who was pregnant at the time, was found with several packets of heroin and a syringe. She was charged with possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia. Children and Youth were contacted. Way to go, Kate! You had children and youth called on you before your child ever left the womb! Stellar work.




Rikki Salzman, 33, was originally arrested for sex abuse when she was found to be in a sexual relationship with a 17-year old male at a Millersville placement home that she worked at. Instead of being sent to jail, she was only given a 6-month house arrest. Part of the original deal was also that she have no contact with the victim. She only followed that order for one week. During a random check, the victim was found to be at Salzman’s home. She was jailed for 8-months after he was found there the first time. This past week, he was found at her home again. She is once again back in jail for violating the order once again. Salzman is a mother of 2 and can’t seem to stop banging this same guy, landing in jail instead of serving her sentence and getting her children back. Keep it up, Rikki!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms that are out there crushing it like this pack of winners!