Biden Accidentally Discloses Negan’s Victim On The Walking Dead

Scranton, PA – Only a day after identifying the aide that is the keeper of the nuclear launch codes made another gaff, VP Joe Biden this time gave a spoiler for the cliffhanger of AMC’s top rated show The Walking Dead. During a Hillary Clinton rally at the SWB Scrapple Factory the Vice President said, “It’s just like when Negan beat¬†Glenn to death on The Walking Dead with that bat. What’s its name? Oh, Lucille.”

neganBiden, a self-described Walking Dead Super Fan, gets ‘screener copies’ of The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead shows, so has access to plot lines before the general public.

The Walking Dead creator Frank Darabont was outraged at the leak and would not speak to reporters, but Executive Producer Greg Nicotero did not mince words. “Biden is a dick. A huge (expletive) dick.”

Stephen Yuen, who plays Glenn on The Walking Dead, was relieved however. “It’s hard to keep secrets like that. Contractually I had to stay quiet and not accept any other roles until after the show aired, so as to keep people thinking I was still alive. Now I’m free. I plan on joining the cast of Stranger Things season two.”