Brazzers Eyes Lititz Wilbur Factory For Potential East Coast Studio

Brazzers is a pornographic production company based in Montreal, Canada. Company executives met yesterday with the Lititz Chamber of Commerce and officials from Wilbur Chocolate’s parent company Cargil about opening a Northeast production facicity in Lititz. While their sites are managed from Montreal, Canada, most of their scenes and photographs are shot in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami.

“The Northeast United States is an untapped market for us, especially in the more conservative areas like Central PA. Lititz has so much going for it right now with the Rock Lititz campus and other production facilities, it is just a nice fit for Brazzers.” stated Brazzers spokesperson Alice Hudelanuit.

The Brazzers online network consists of thirty-one hardcore pornography websites, but at the Lititz based facility they are looking to focus more on amateur talent and the plain community. “We have lots of request for farm titles and Amish themed videos. Moving here just makes sense.” explained Hudelanuit.

Brazzers is looking for a 2018 Grand Opening.