BREAKING: Donald Trump’s Hair Piece Not Running for President.

The hair piece demonstrates interpretive dance.

POL is getting word that Donald Trump’s hair piece just had a press conference to announce it will not throw itself in ring for the Presidential bid along side its long time owner Donald Trump. This comes as a shock  to the entire media as the two have been practically inseparable for decades.

The hair piece went on record to say this:

“Donald and I have been through a lot, but I’m taking this time to do some self exploration. We haven’t seen eye to eye politically for a long time and this is an opportunity to part ways mutually. For now, I will be looking toward a new future to explore opportunities and business ventures.”
Celebrities, including Patrick Steward, Louis C.K., Howie Mandel, and even James Carville have shown interest in a business relationship with Donald Trumps Hair Piece.

Donald Trump as made a career out of almost running for President since 1987, which he uses his candidacy as a device to push his own brand and reality show where already wealthy people compete for high paying sponsorship deals disguised as jobs under Trump.