British Prime Minister Interned at Gap Lighthouse; Clogged Toilets Regularly

A Young Boris Johnson During His Internship At The Gap Lighthouse

Gap, PA – Brexit proponent and new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson once interned at the Gap Lighthouse. Boris was born in New York City in 1964 to an American father and a Gapanese mother. While on break from his studies at Eton he spent time in the Gap Pennsylvania Metro area to connect with his mother’s side of the family. The family had connections to Lighthouse Keeper Abner Hockenfoos who secured a paid internship position for Boris in the lighthouse’s press department.

“He was a good kid. We would have kept him on full-time but he kept clogging the toilets” said lighthouse spokesperson Hugh Jundees. “But we congratulate him on his success in Britain and in his honor we’ve installed official Boris Johnson poop knives in all of the commodes.”