Butthurt Internet Crybaby Still Has Trouble Sleeping Despite Reporting Posts on Facebook

When Facebook was first conceived, it was an exclusive social network that only allowed college students to create accounts. Originally meant to be a “hook up” site, the social aspect, and exchange of ideas took flight unexpectedly, an17cd for a while, Facebook flourished. Eventually Facebook opened their doors to the public creating a rush of people from all age groups, many who have never had an account before. This meant the classic share-every-chain-mail aunt and uncle and internet crybaby had a new place to take root and dispense any amount of misinformation they could all the while finding things they may not like to see or hear, all the while missing the irony that they voluntarily part-take in the community.

Enter John McCocklover, when he isn’t stuffing his face full of McDonald’s cheese burgers. He sits in front of Facebook all day looking for things to be offended by, last week, it was a picture of puppies, this week he was offended by a picture of a hipster with a Photoshopped erection. “I love cock said John, that’s why my last name is McCocklover, I can’t get enough of it, I come from a long line of McCocklovers, and they should never be covered by fabric or hidden, I was so offended that I couldn’t see this man’s phallus, that I couldn’t sleep for 2 days solid, and finally I reported it to Facebook.” Said John.

Unfortunately because Facebook is so inundated with butthurt people reporting things that they can easily have avoided in the first place, Facebook’s reporting policy is a crap shoot, while something’s that are legitimately distasteful and pornographic in nature get completely ignored, other images that shouldn’t require censorship are completely locked down. Facebook needs to update their policy or do a better job regulating content. If we learned anything from the censorship fallout over on Reddit, it won’t take long for the people to protest.