Catch Spay/Neuter Release One Option To Manage Exploding County Amish Growth

LANCASTER, PA – The Amish population in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County is continuing to grow each year, despite the encroachment of urban sprawl on their communities. One option on the table to manage this growth is a controversial Catch Spay/Neuter Release program.

A similar and effective Catch Spay/Neuter Release program was started in Lancaster City in 2015 by former Mayor Gray to combat the growing feral children problem.

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According to POL reporter Colleen Morningstar there are opponents and proponents of the idea.

“I am okay with catching them and spaying or neutering them, whatever, and then letting them go again. Whatever works.” said Blaine McRae of Manheim Township.

Skylar VanMater of Lancaster City is against it telling us, “I just think it is mean. Amish kids are so cute and fuzzy. I want one.”

ABC27 Reported on the growing Amish population problem.

Lancaster County Commissioners will be meeting on May 19th to vote on the issue.