Changes Made To This Year’s Red Rose Run

The 39th annual Red Rose Run will be held saturday June 6 at 8:00 am, with the wheelchair race beginning at 7:45. The 5 mile course will follow its traditional route through Lancaster City and County Park, but there are a few changes to this year’s event.

-Heavyweight Division. This year runners can opt to run the race carrying an additional 20% of their body weight. They will race alongside other contestants, but their timekeeping and medals will be set up in their own category. Participants must have their weight verified at least 1/2 hour before the start of the race. They will be given a bag of sand containing the extra 20%. It is recommended that you bring a backpack.

-Next to the 5 water stations along the route will be 5 “donut stations”. At these stations the runner has the option to stop and eat a donut. Upon completion of the donut the runner will be given a wristband good for 2 minutes off their official time. “The strategic eater could really use this to their advantage”, says race official Diane Ames. “And to the casual runner it will provide a lesson in risk/reward.” The donuts are provided by Weis Markets. There will be glazed, chocolate frosted and custard filled.

-And new in the wheelchair race: contestants will no longer have to prove their disability to a race official. “Our insurance company feels this practice raises some ethical and legal issues, ” says director of race operations Mitchell Groban. “So I guess this year we will just have to assume that wheelchair racers are actually disabled. Of course this opens up the competition to non-wheelchair bound individuals, but we do not feel this will give them an unfair advantage.”

The long term forecast is calling for mild temperatures and low humidity on race day.