City Schools Require Mandatory Home Repair Course For All Driver Ed Students

Lancaster City Schools have switched gears in their decades long  effort to tackle local car on house crime. For the past 40 years, the District has focused solely on prevention.  After a spate of devastating accidents, the District has realized the futility in teaching students to avoid houses.  The school will focus its efforts on the aftermath.  Starting in the  2015-16 school year, all Driver Ed students will be required to take four hours a month in home repair courses.  These classes will include carpentry and masonry work.  According to a District spokesperson, the program will foster driver empathy for the homes they injure.  At the same time, at fault drivers will be able to assess damage and aid in the repair process, hastening repair time and lessening the financial burden on what is most likely an uninsured driver.  “We hope to be a magnet program for other cities plagued by unskilled drivers.  If not, maybe students can use this new job skill to help take back jobs from illegal immigrants.”