City To Remove Firearms From Soldiers & Sailors Monument

The rifled infantry soldier set to be removed.
The firearm carrying infantry soldier to be removed. 

Lancaster, PA – The 43-foot tall Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Penn Square was dedicated on July 4, 1874 and its original intention was to pay tribute to Lancastrian Union soldiers killed during the Civil War. Today the monument also represents those who have served in subsequent American military conflicts. Now, almost 150 years after its dedication the City of Lancaster will be removing all firearms depicted in the statue.

“We want to honor our fallen soldiers and sailors, but without  glorifying guns and violence.” stated Assistant Public Works Director Barry McCokener. “It’s time for those symbols of hate and violence to go.”

The monument stands on the site of the old Lancaster courthouse, where in 1744 the Treaty of Lancaster between the British and Iroquois was signed, and later broken by the British. Later in 1777 the Second Continental Congress met here in that courthouse during the American Revolutionary War. “We feel the best way to honor all of these fallen patriots is to remove the guns.”