City Waterslide Event 2016 Promises 50% Less Zika

slideSummertime favorite City Waterslide Event is coming back to Lancaster on Sunday, August 21. Last year’s event was a hit, and updates to this year’s activities promise to make the ride better than ever.

Company spokesman, Timothy Burgess highlighted some of the promised changes. “This year we will have three additional lanes available which should cut down considerably on wait time. We have also reinforced the rubber slide surface to minimize the brush burns. Best of all, thanks to a corporate sponsorship with Clorox, our water will be cleaner than ever. We guarantee, a minimum, of 50% fewer Zika outbreaks compared to last year.”

When POL asked if these updates were a response to an alleged lawsuit from a 14 year-old Columbia mother who recently gave birth to conjoined triplets, Mr Burgess responded with, “no comment”.