Cloister Hand Ponies To Be Sold as Pets for the First Time in almost 300 Years

This week, vendors will be selling Cloister Hand Ponies at the Green Dragon Flea Market as pets for the first time. The Hand Pony was a breed of pony selectively bred by the Ephrata Cloisters for their small size that make ideal pets or to help make small chores a cinch.

Long thought to be extinct, a team of wild ponies was found going through an Ephrata man’s garbage, he quickly called animal control and the hand pony specimens were turned over to equestrian veterinarians to make sure they were not being confused with Strasburg Basket Horses. The veterinarians bred and teams of conversationalists brought their numbers back and domesticated them so they could once again be sold as pets. The Hand Ponies will retail between $299 and $499.