Columbia Bar To Host Basic Math Trivia Night

Trivia nights are extremely popular in Lancaster County; but in Columbia, it’s been a lot harder to develop a following due to the difficulty of most questions. That’s why the owner of one Columbia bar is trying something a little more basic.

Basic Math, to be exact.

“We tried to bring in a regular trivia guy,” said bar owner, Mitch Lutz, “but after six rounds, no one got a single answer correct. We decided to take it back to basics and give our residents a chance to have fun and challenge themselves at the same time.”

The new trivia format will ask questions like :

  • 5 + 7
  • 16 – 3
  • 2 x 4

One of the rounds, called the ‘Apples Round’, will ask a series of questions using the phrase: “if I have _____¬†apples, and Johnny takes away ____, how many apples do I have left?”