Columbia Girl Told She Cannot Bring Her Service Opossum To School

Charity Zimmerman of Columbia was told that she can no longer bring her service opossum, Honcho, to school anymore.

COLUMBIA, PA – A Columbia High School student has been told that she can no longer bring her service opossum to school.

Charity Zimmerman is a senior at Columbia High School and suffers from anxiety and PTSD and was assigned her service opossum this past summer.

“She used to have all kinds of outbursts and would not follow my rules. After she got Honcho she got much better. She doesn’t stay out all night anymore.” explained Charity’s mother, Sheila Miller.

Charity received her service opossum from Proper Opossum Service (POS) which trains opossums to be service animals. After a number of interviews and testing with several opossums Charity was matched with Honcho the Opossum.

Learn more about service opossums in the video below:

“Honcho is an awesome opossum. He keeps me straight. It isn’t fair that my school will not let me bring him anymore.” said Charity.

We reached out to the Principal of Columbia High School, Dr. Michael Smith, who declined to comment on this story.