Columbia Turns Back Clocks 60 Years for Daylight Savings Time

Columbia, Pennsylvania has decided to do something different this fall. Instead of turning their clocks back an hour like most of America, they have decided to go back in time further… much, much further. In a joint announcement between Columbia’s National Watch and Clock Museum and City Council, effective immediately, Columbia will turn back their calendars to the year 1955.

Columbia Mayor, Leo Lutz, was asked why his town made such an unusual and drastic decision. He said that it was based on a three point plan for city improvement….1.) Stopping the Mexicans from taking all of our jobs, 2.) Keeping the Coloreds out of the schools, and 3.) Permitting men folk to give their wives “what for” if they get out of line. Lutz said these tasks were long time goals of the local government, but were almost impossible to support in a modern climate. If all goes well, Town Council may endorse the time change permanently in the spring.

Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump is scheduled to visit the town next month as a sign of solidarity.