Columbia Woman Arrested For Selling Fake Game Of Thrones Dragons

COLUMBIA, PA – A Columbia woman was arrested for selling fake Game of Thrones dragons.

According to Pennsylvania State Police Lynne Chapman who resides on Walnut Street advertised ‘Game of Thrones Dragons’ on the Facebook Marketplace and sold more than 7 bearded dragons to unsuspecting customers who thought they were buying a real Game of Thrones dragon.

“Chapman advertised common bearded dragons as fire-breathing and flying Game of Thrones dragons. At least 7 victims have been identified with most paying more than $1,000 for each lizard.” said PSP spokesman Corporal Weston.

Bearded dragons are common lizards and a favored pet of reptile collectors.

According to one victim, Brandon Gass of Lebanon, “I thought I was getting a real dragon. But after three weeks there were no wings and it didn’t spit fire. She ripped me off.”

Chapman has been released on $20,000 bond pending her hearing in June.